Location hire 

Whether you’re just looking for some out of focus background with a bit of interest, or a full on canal boat location you will find it at Gainsborough Wharf. A private mooring overlooking the Regent’s Canal. Both our boats are available for location hire. The owners are experienced in production and p.r, so we will know what your are talking about, and if we can provide it, we will.

Our boats and the Wharf can be used from fashion shoots to for commercials.  We are happy to meet location finders and show them round, even if you just want to check us out for possible future shoots (we’re pretty good on the surrounding area too……)

Most importantly the boats are fully licensed and insured to accommodate film crews by the Canal River Trust.


How we can help.

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Business license
  • Cruising available
  • Small vintage tender available
  • Location scouts
  • Excellent Central London location
  • Available for TV or Stills